Video: Drake – Over

Anthony Madler brings the fans visuals of the highly anticipated lead single of Thank Me Later.  The style of the video is highly unique and representative of the fast paced life that has grown from Drake’s success. TML 6.15.2010 Advertisements

Video: Charles Hamilton – Word? Aight! (Soulja Boy “Diss”)

Peronsonally, I think this is all fake publicity for the two artists. The fact that Charles Hamilton hates on auto-tune then uses it for this “diss” makes it hilarious because he obviously doesn’t take this seriously at all.   They are definately signed to the same label so Interscope is getting all wins off of … Continue reading

DC Shoe Co. x SSUR

“An Eye for an Eye Leaves the Whole World Blind”.  DC is proud to announce that it has teamed with New York artist SSUR for its third collaboration in the DC Artists Projects™ Series. The SSUR III Artist Projects™ shoe will launch November 1, 2008.

10DEEP Fall ’08 Collection

Click HERE for the Full Collection.