Album Review: 808s & Heartbreak


After a couple changes in release date, the highly anticipated 4th studio album from kanYe West dropped today.  For his fans and critics, the album is a complete 180 degree turn from his niche of highly sampled production under boastful raps.  On 808s & Heartbreak kanYe lets his feelings and creativity run wild with his epic production.  808 drums and classical violins create the backdrop for West to pour his heart out through the infamous Auto-tune.  West uses four features on the album; two from his label (KiD CuDi & Mr. Hudson) and two of the top rappers in the game (Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne).  What the skeptics and haters of kanYe’s direction on this album fail to understand is that kanYe’s life has drastically changed since Graduation came out a year ago.  He lost Donda West and broke up with Alexis Phifer.  Losing his mother and breaking up with his fiancée in the same year affected him emotionally which translates to musically.  “Coldest Winter” proves this is not merely an album, it’s the soundtrack to kanYe’s bewilderment.  Despite all this, songs like “Amazing” and “Robocop” stand out as upbeat tracks.  The album is the epitome of “hate it or love it” and is  not for the closed minded.  But, even if you hate it you should respect a rapper that has the courage to defy the norms of a genre to produce music with such raw emotion.  kanYe’s is on a another level musically and with another album in the works for June 2009 kanYe fans wont have to wait long to get their next dose of G.O.O.D. Music.


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